The Essex and Sussex
                A Centennial Celebration

                                         The Essex and Sussex 

A Centennial Celebration

Resident Reminiscence

                    The Essex and Sussex


     It was 100 years ago, the Essex and Sussex became
     A luxury resort hotel, Spring Lake's claim to fame

     Sitting on Ocean Avenue with its eye on the shore
    The rich and famous came flocking; enjoying elegance galore

   At times you can feel and envision their presence here

                                                                     Adorned with parasols and petticoats a vision to hold dear

                                                                     Starred in the movie “Ragtime” backdrop for high society

                                                                     Façade of yellow stucco…as elegant a structure as you’ll ever see



               St. Catharine’s Church with its copper dome

               Illuminates in the evening a splendid view from this home

               Shrine to the deceased daughter of Martin Maloney

               Cherished by so many, a place of Holy Matrimony


               I moved into this place because of the view

              The sunrises a sight to behold oh so true

              However as grand as the building and its magnificent site

              It’s the people inside that makes this place right


             First there is Joe, the handsome and brilliant Cornell guy

                                                                    Head of the English Department at West Essex Regional High

                                                                    Always a smile and a kind word to all

                                                                    That is why so many cared deeply when he took his fall


                                                                    There is Ginny Duffy Shuttner from Brooklyn and Mary McGrath

                                                                    Years of wisdom between them, you do the math

                                                                    Ginny tells stories and Mary adds color

                                                                    And then in pops Pat Redmond, the likes of no other

                        Then there’s Pete Cahill, an amazing sports fan
                        Spits out sports facts like no other can
                        Pete in his cheering outfit we all now fear
                        His poor wife, Joanne just shakes her head, “Oh Dear!”

                        Lois and Judy are an amazing pair
                        Helpful, social, fun and they care
                        They’ve resided here for quite awhile
                        They love to chat and walk the mile

                       And Johanna sweet Johanna friend to all
                       Give her some wine and she’ll have a ball
                       Does commercials for hearing aids, what’s that you say?
                       I said she is a movie star prettier than Tina Fay

                        Pet and Urie Parkhill are the cutest couple around
                        He is a general surgeon no more to be found
                        Golf a passion he still enthusiastically pursues
                        And Pet smiles and supports never crying the blues

                                         There is Tommy Luciani who lives right next door

                                         A funny guy, a good friend and gentleman for sure

                                         Disappears to Florida where there’s not a snowflake

                                         But always returns to this Gem in Spring Lake

                                       There are so many Marys I will try to name all

                                       Mary McGrath and Mary Kiernan who both have a ball

                                       Then Mary Bartells of Spring Lake descent

                                       And Mary Lou Oliva preparing for advent

                                       There’s Mary and Maryann in the dining room they serve

                                       The dinner special, a martini or a simple hors d’ouvre

                                       There’s Maryann who golfs and Mary Ellen the reader

                                                                                     Then Mary McGrath at the bar…she’s our leader!

                 There’s Shannon and Joe frying steak in the bistro

                 They enjoy cooking in the oven instead of the micro

                 Beautiful Shannon with hair as gold as the sun

                 While Joe tells a greats story…so much FUN!!


                Got married in June on the steps facing the beach

                Here’s to marriage and a long life for each

                A wedding party at the Parker House the likes of no other

                If you don’t believe me go ask Joe’s brother!

               There is awesome Ed Hunter who flew planes in the war

               Discovered a great home here, this place by the shore

               A man of few words but you always hear what he said

              We have such great respect and we love you dearly, our Ed!!

   Ray Dubois with a name that sound like he came from France
   Maybe that is where he learned how to dance
   He likes sports too, A Giant fan is he
   When I root for the Pats, he ridicules me!!

   Ray’s wife is named Nancy and she’s very nice
   Ask her for help and you don’t have to ask twice
   Ray and Nancy are part of a group you see all the time
   All the people in it are really sublime

                                                                                     There’s Doris from Belmar and Doris of Dance
                                                                                     And there is also Doris the sister of Bernice I met by chance
                                                                                     There was Dale oh Dale always dressed to kill
                                                                                     Wore leather pants and those hats…boy what a thrill!!

                                                                                   There is Shirley, pretty Shirley who resides in the Penthouse
                                                                                   Her daughter Debbie loves to visit with Buddy the dog not the spouse
                                                                                   Jean and Bob Ferguson are on the fifth floor too
                                                                                   They love to play bridge with their friends old and new

There is Kerry with her blonde hair and standing so tall
A strong leader she is and the Queen of the Ball
Tim, Brandon, Michael, Kevin and Jane the newest you know
Always ready to help, park your car, Say “Hello!”

There’s Sonny and Rita, Charlie, Jimmy and Ray

Don’t forget about Debbie who never misses a day

Then we have Sylvano and Itsel his adorable sister

And Nichol, the boss who’s always thanking the Mister

                                                                                   Brandon, Michael Jr. and Alicia are also part of the crew

                                                                                  Over time a fondness for them grew and grew

                                                                                  And oh my we can not forget Robbie or Big Mark

                                                                                  And we hope that they never get eaten by a shark.


           There’s Jack who loves to fish and Sheila his pretty wife

           Another Jersey boy from Newark who’s made a great life

           A swimmer, a lover, a quick wit as well

          We love this couple a lot so many stories to tell.


         Tini Bopper and the big guy always around

         Friends by the dozens greatly abound

         Tina who brings a smile and warmth to all

         Jerry, the author, whose book was published last fall

        Bob Esposito and Alba his bride

        Always out on the ocean, ask Bob for a ride!!

       On the beach you’ll find Bill, Millerick that is

       Voted “Best Tan”  that honor is all his!

Jim McCumsey has contributed so much with his mind

Many problems were solved that kept us out of a bind

Tony Massi and Emily were here for the summer

For all of you who knew them it could not have been funner.


Jan is our President, that’s her role on the board

Roy and his teammate Lew Alcindor on the court they scored

Bill and Diane, Rita and Jim

Sheila, Joe and Bob who stay so trim

Tony and Loretta such a great team

Jay, Bill and Pam are part of our team

There’s Susan, Linda Muller and the good Judge

When you need his attention just give him a nudge


There’s Judge Pollard , Judge Joel and also Judge Tony

Upstanding and bright not phony or full of baloney

With the help of  Linda, Elizabeth and Debbie they do their duty

Although many have inquired..”No I am not Judge Judy!”

There is Eileen G who heads up the Centennial Committee

While Jane, the attorney heads west to a new city

Barbara and Fred with Beau at their side

Always involved and look at the E&S with pride

We have Sue and Strathis who are here from afar

She is so pretty and he is a star
There is Sue and her late husband  Tom who recently passed
My goodness his life went by too fast!

Rissy and Catherine are sisters you see

They’re personable, fun and pretty as can be

Always helping including Operation Beachhead

Happy, delightful, good news they spread.


Nancy and Mark are from Connecticut, the state

Watch them on the dance floor, they are really great!!

Val and Richard are a couple we know quite well

They join in many activities and have stories to tell


There is another great couple named Nancy and Bob Bogel

                                                                                   They are on the first floor and we know them well

                                                                                   Ellie and Rita in their eighties at last

                                                                                   How in the world did the time pass so fast!!

It was constructed in 1914 this building of yore

 A grand ole hotel attracting the rich to the shore

It’s withstood time and generations and celebrations so dandy

But we would be remiss not to mention Hurricane Sandy

We were here when the storm hit…no one wanted us to stay

We knew it was safe and we were right we must say

Storm Riders they called us and we formed a tight bond

And when the water cam rushing in boy did we respond


Begoggled Pete, Maria and I braved the storm

                                                                                   Got blown over to the boardwalk was not very warm

                                                                                   The wind was so strong it  picked up a log

                                                                                   And then Pete got a striper caught in his clog

         There’s the gym, the solarium, common areas to meet

         The bar, Wednesday night fireplace, a special treat

         Go to the library, read and relax

         Or go to the computer room and send off a fax


         We have New Year’s Eve parties and fun at “Happy Hour”

         The view is always alive with the sun and sea power

         There is the Superbowl party and bridge games for sure

         Cooking dessert in the bistro…please have some more.

                 For all those unnamed there is really no reason

                 Only that we did not see them around this season

                 If you have a little ditty about yourself that you want to share

                 Send it to us and we’ll handle it with care.


                Judy and Joanne have finished at last

                Their journey took them into the past

                Uncovering personalities, traits and goals

                Many people were traced to their very souls


               Success, failures and struggles of some

               Were combined often into a community of one

               Never losing their identity along the way

              But getting to listen to what each other had to say


As we celebrate the E&S of one hundred years

You can’t help but experience some fears and tears

Part of the healing living by the sea

Is to reach the level of acceptance of we


So on we go hopefully for many more times

Of sharing food, friendships and wines

The porch is a meeting place to see thru our eyes

How wonderful and gracious where people have grown wise


The E&S a century in the making

                                                                                   Will rest in our hearts and not forsaken

                                                                                   Move forward in life like a very steep hill

                                                                                   Navigating it takes a very strong will


                                                                                   Focus on the positive and good of everyone

                                                                                  And the memories will be integrated into a vision of one

                                                                                  If you were part of the journey of this lovely old place

                                                                                  Hold up your head and remember it with grace


                                                                                  As these printed words move on through the years

                                                                                  A piece of your spirit will forever stay near

                                                                                  All the generations in the years that will be

                                                                                  Have a glimpse into the people that they will see.








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